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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Family ~ Anderson

Twins!  It was my third session with this special family, and I had a blast with these twins again.  They were much more mobile this time around, though, so chasing them around (and getting them to chase me) added to the fun.  And the gorgeous fall color wasn't bad, either!  We did a few with the whole family, a few with the twins together, and a few of them alone to capture their fun personalities.

I love watching these two grow up.  I work with their mom, and get to hear all kinds of fun stories about the fun they have together.  I look forward to more special times with you all!

I am happy to do outdoor winter sessions with anyone interested!  The Janesville School Outdoor Lab (JSOL), the Lincoln-Tallman House, or Riverside Park make great winter backdrops.  Message me above, or at my Facebook page for more information.  Stay warm!

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