Mary Richards Photography

Monday, December 29, 2014

Family ~ Pusateri

Remember these handsome guys from last year? I had fun working with their whole family last month, after our first snowfall of the season.  Even with the snow, it wasn't as cold as last year. Thanks, everyone, for the great session. It's always fun to see you!

Before I finish this post, I must thank the guys for their help when my car was stuck in the snow.  We ventured up a winding hill in the park, which is normally closed in the winter but it was still early.  It was slick, and the road dips down into a slight ditch.  Yup, I slipped in and was struggling to get out.   I was lucky to have them there to help.  And these soon-to-be-driving teens got a lesson out of it, as well (hahaha!!!)  Thanks a TON!  

Little Ones ~ Vincent 18 months

This little man is 18 months old! I met him a year ago when we did his 6 month session, and I couldn't wait to see him again today!  As a "micro premie", born 3 months early, he weighed just 1 lb. 14 oz. ♥  Vincent is growing and thriving, and super sweet, too.  It was a fun morning soaking up the fall color.  We timed it just right, too, because a few days later, all the leaves had dropped.

Vincent's mom is a delight, as well.  She told me about the wonderful therapists they've been working with, and that they'll soon have some answers about his development.  I love that I captured this sweet moment for them.  Thanks again, Natalie, for asking me to work with your little man and to see him grow and change.  I hope you had a very merry Christmas, and wish you a happy and healthy 2015!

Family ~ Higgins

I was fortunate to work with this awesome family earlier this fall.  Our original location was off the table, since the cool, textured, mustard yellow wall we wanted in town was now painted RED!  What a loss.  So Sara suggested this fantastic alternative, in Sharon, Wisconsin.  The yellow wooden warehouse, the neat textured brick in the alley, and the ivy creeping on the side of a fence all made for a really great backdrop.  I'm glad to know about it now!

I think they look great in black and white, too!

Thanks for inviting me to capture these photos for you, Sara!  I had a great time, and your kids are just super sweet.  It was a fun afternoon, even if we had to wait out a few sprinkles.   Have a happy new year!