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Monday, April 28, 2014

Big Brother Meets Baby

A few weeks ago, I was honored to be asked to capture this special moment for my friend's sweet family.  I told my friend Jana that I was worried I'd be gone for Spring Break and miss the occasion, but I'd be there if I could.  Luckily, little Jordy decided to make his appearance sooner than expected. It was heartwarming to watch the interactions between big brother Jake and his baby brother, and document the story as it happened.  Being able to capture first family photos was a complete privilege!  Congratulations, Jana and Josh!

I waited out front for Jake and Dad to arrive, and I followed them in to find Mommy's room.

Time for snuggles with Mommy before meeting Baby Jordy
Jake went with Mom and Dad to the nursery to get the baby.
He was very interested! 

I just love his "Big Bro" shirt his mommy ordered for him!

Jake was pretty interested in his new trains, too. 

See?  He kept those trains close :)

Your little family is the sweetest.  Best wishes to you all!

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