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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Little Ones ~ Zane

I just love when family members ask if we can do photos together.  And I love it even more when the family has a little one!

This little guy is my husband's cousin's baby.  We tried a couple of other times to get together, but the weather that week was not very cooperative.  This day was just right!  And Zane was in a terrific mood, too.  His mom made the cute crate, which was perfect for posing in the park.

Zane is celebrating his half-birthday, and was doing such a great job sitting up on his own!

Gotta get the toes shot!

I had some great helpers, too.  Zane has three awesome big sisters, and they helped spread the blankets, fluff the beanbag chair, and hold the banners behind him for me.  Thanks, ladies!  Zane is lucky to be your little brother.
Now that the weather is so nice, I'm looking forward to more family and baby sessions.  I also have some senior sessions lined up, which I am excited about!!!  Please keep me in mind if you need some photos at the park, or downtown, or at my friend's adorable farm.  We can find a location to suit you and your needs.  

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